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An alle Broadstairs-Mitfahrer! Bitte lesen!

Liebe Schüler und Eltern,

im unteren Teil befindet sich das Informationsblatt der Kent School über den Aufenthalt und die wichtigsten Verhaltensregeln. Lest Euch die Info gut durch, damit wir Problemfälle oder Missverständnisse vermeiden können.


Your Stay at KSE

We want your stay at KSE to be enjoyable, educational and safe. This school has been teaching English to visiting students since
1972 so we have developed some very good advice to help you make the most of your course.

1. - When you arrive (please do not arrive before 0845), please go to the back garden of houses 10 and 12 or the front gardens of houses 3 and 5 as directed by the KSE teachers. Do not wait on the pavements in front of the school.
2. - Breaks are from 1030 to 1045 and 1530 to 1545. You must leave the classrooms during the breaks. Unless it is raining heavily, everyone has to go outside in the gardens.
3. - No smoking is allowed in any part of the school buildings or grounds. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the morning and afternoon sessions.
4. - Please treat the school buildings with respect and do not damage any furniture or equipment.
5. - No chewing gum is allowed in the school buildings.
6. - You must walk in the school buildings not run or jump.
7. - Do not wear hats or sunglasses in the school buildings.
8. - Students in Houses 10 and 12 must leave by the back gate at 1215.
9. - You should only come to the school in the evening if your activity is taking place there. Otherwise you should go straight to the place where the activity is taking place.
The school and gardens are closed between 1215 and 1345 on week days and at the weekend

In Class
1. - Bring a pen, your KSE folder and your lesson booklet with you every day.
2. - You will meet different teachers and work with different students in pairs and groups.
3. - You must speak English as much as possible.
4. - No food or drink is allowed in classrooms or the lecture theatre.
5. - During lessons and activities you must show respect to your teacher and fellow students.
6. - You must not shout or use rude language.

In the Host Family
1. - Please be polite and show respect to all members of your host family.
2. - Arrive in good time for meals.
3. - If the family asks you not to smoke, you must not smoke in their house.
4. - Ask before using anything which belongs to any member the family.
5. - Treat the house with respect and keep your room tidy.
6. - Don’t go home during the day.
7. - Don’t meet outside the host family house and never invite your friends into the house.
8. - Go home immediately after activities in the evening.
9. - If you are under 18, the family will not give you a key, please don’t ask for one.
- Lock your money and valuables in your luggage.

Social activities
1. - Your teacher will explain the meeting place and time of an activity. You must go directly to the right place at the right time.
2. - In the evenings, you must go to the activities. If you are ill, please inform your group leader or the school.
3. - Arrive on time for activities. If you are late, the coach may leave without you and you will have to pay for your own transport.
4. - You cannot leave an activity before it is finished. You must go straight home after the activity.
5. - You must follow all safety instructions when travelling on trains and coaches.

In the town
1. - Meet your friends at the seafront, not at the school or on street corners.
2. - Be very careful about road safety, especially when crossing roads.
3. - Do not block the pavements.
4. - Do not be tempted to shoplift, you will be prosecuted by the police.
5. - Do not visit the amusement arcade on the seafront.
6. - Do not go on the beach after dark.
7. - Do not make a lot of noise, especially in the evening.

If you are under 18, it is against the law to buy alcohol or tobacco products.

Be very careful with your money and documents. Don’t carry your national ID card or Passport and only carry the money that you need for each day. Carry your KSE ID card at all times and show it to KSE staff or police officers if they ask to see it. If you have any serious problems in the town, tell your group leader, a member of KSE staff or phone the school on 07831 549809. In an emergency call 999 – you don’t need to pay.

If you are worried about anything, please talk to your group leader. Independent students should talk to their Independent Student Tutor.

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