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About our School

Das Michaeli-Gymnasium
Das Michaeli-Gymnasium
About our School: Michaeli Gymnasium (High School) is a vibrant and welcoming community of approximately 1300 students, ages 10-18, and 100 professionally qualified and trained teachers. Our school provides a student-centered learning environment where academic rigor takes place within stimulating social interaction. We offer programs in four foreign languages: English, French, Latin and Spanish, along with a science track from grade 8. In addition to these single-foreign language curricula, bi-lingual instruction is available to students from grade 7 onwards in CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) French History classes. Upon successful graduation in grade 12, students receive their Abitur diploma, which qualifies them to enter any German university of their choice.

In addition to academics, pupils can choose from a whole array of extracurricular activities: we are proud of our active music department featuring two choirs, a percussion group and a big band as well. In the course of the school year, the school organizes several cultural events, such as readings of well-known authors, theatre performances and concerts (at the University of Music). Furthermore, our school has been chosen as an official partner in the "School for Media-Literacy in Secondary Education" program because we provide an environment that supports gaining media awareness and skills. Our numerous lap-top classes from grade 9 and our extra-curricular groups focusing on film production are just some of opportunities available to pupils to gain hands-on media literacy. Our film projects have made Michaeli Gymnasium a "hub of film-making", and have been recognized by the Ministry of Education in Bavaria (KMS), which gave our entry the highest score for the third year in a row! This year's award-winning documentary film project is "Ein Stück München"; to get a glimpse of another winning piece, please be sure to visit our lip-dub clip on our website.

To reflect the current trend in foreign language teaching and to accommodate our students' changing needs better, we've also introduced Chinese as well as CLIL Economics *(bi-lingual Economics ) as our new extra-curricular activities. We believe that children can learn and benefit not only from project learning, but also from experiencing other cultures and languages . Student-exchange-programs with schools in France, England and Hungary have become a regular part of the language curricula. As of this year, we are broadening our global educational horizons to another destination: Taiwan. Having the opportunity to meet with their international counterparts helps promote not our only students' language skills and cultural awareness, but makes them aware of the rapidly changing world around them.

Michaeli Gymnasium is nestled in the greenery of a public park, located in a residential neighborhood in Munich. However, the school is just 15 minutes by underground train from the center of the city, and thus combines both the safety of a neighborhood school and the excitement and cultural institutions of a major European city. For more information about our academic program and/or the school, please feel free to contact us any time.

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Herbstwettbewerb der Schülerzeitung

Verbindungslehrer 2023/24

Sommerkonzerte des MGM 24. und 25.07.2023 im Bürgersaal Haar

Einladung zum Sommerfest am Freitag, 21.07.2023 (15:00 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr)

Ein göttlicher Morgen mit Orpheus in der Unterwelt der Pasinger Fabrik

Gewinner des Stadradelns

Herzliche Einladung zur Abendlesung mit Caroline Wahl am 20.07.2023